Driving Progress

The theme of the summer seemed to be ‘driving’ as we rolled along the Pacific Northwest highways in slow progression halfway across the country. I have always loved a good road trip, but using both hands to keep a car on the road is somewhat prohibitive to the writing process. The summer was amazing – the weather, the fellowship with friends and family, and the days of swimming in the Spokane river in Idaho. Now leaves are falling and rather than steering toward the Continental Divide and back, I am ‘steering’ my way back to my desk to continue work on Fingerprints on My Heart (formerly referred to as Crayons in the Toaster) and The Sword of the Butterfly (the sequel to Mariah’s Invisible Sword).

In addition to resuming the creative writing process I am organizing some classes to be taught in coming months to help aspiring young authors bring their characters from the shadows of their imagination into the world of print. Beyond that, there will be various poetry readings and possibly a YouTube video – we shall see what the days provide me in the way of time.

Enjoy the lovely changes that come with the shifting of seasons.




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