A Fresh New Look

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You may notice I’ve changed the look of my site. Thank you for your patience as I get my fonts and things matched up. Plus, I’ll add more content as I go along. I moved over to WordPress from Blogger a while back so it appears as though I’m brand new on the scene. I didn’t move all of my history of things over for various reasons, whether a good idea or bad. I wanted a fresh start. So, it’s fresh.




2 responses to “A Fresh New Look”

  1. Shai- Thanks for keeping us updated on the changes you are making. I wouldn’t want to miss one thing! I’m so excited about your Seminar coming up that people don’t want to miss!!! Your a fabulous writer and teacher.

    All the best with this fresh start!


    1. Thank you so much! I’m elated that you enjoy the sessions. Please let me know if Ella ever wants to connect up for a refresher. She’s amazing! If she keeps writing regularly she’ll be unstoppable! I look forward to what she does in the future.

      Shai 🙂

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