A Fresh New Look

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You may notice I’ve changed the look of my site. Thank you for your patience as I get my fonts and things matched up. Plus, I’ll add more content as I go along. I moved over to WordPress from Blogger a while back so it appears as though I’m brand new on the scene. I didn’t move all of my history of things over for various reasons, whether a good idea or bad. I wanted a fresh start. So, it’s fresh.




2 Comments on “A Fresh New Look

  1. Shai- Thanks for keeping us updated on the changes you are making. I wouldn’t want to miss one thing! I’m so excited about your Seminar coming up that people don’t want to miss!!! Your a fabulous writer and teacher.

    All the best with this fresh start!


    • Thank you so much! I’m elated that you enjoy the sessions. Please let me know if Ella ever wants to connect up for a refresher. She’s amazing! If she keeps writing regularly she’ll be unstoppable! I look forward to what she does in the future.

      Shai 🙂

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