Three Dimensional Characters

How do you keep your book from landing at the second hand store next to a literary work about bent staples or diverse types of manure? Or worse, what if your book never leaves your own hand? If a reader can’t connect with your characters they’ll stop reading, and that’s death to a writer.

In five days I will be at Launching Success teaching a Literary Clay class called Building Strong Characters. In this session you will explore, and practice, how to put meat on the bones of your characters and coerce them to walk out into the land of the (virtually) living.

It’s only $15 for the two hour workshop, so what do you have to lose? (Other than dull characters that elicit the noise of crickets rather than gasps from a reader.)

November 12th from 10am-noon at 133 Prince Ave, Bellingham, WA 98226.

Seats are now open for non-homeschoolers, too! All ages welcome!

  1. Registration:

  1. Payment: Bring your payment to Launching Success on November 12th. (No checks, please, but credit cards and cash are welcome.) Or pay with paypal now….

Nov 12th 10a-12p Building Strong Characters

Give your characters the magnetism that develops a sense of connection with your readers. Come with existing ideas, or brainstorm some new ones. In this session, your characters will begin to take on a life of their own. Students are encouraged to bring a laptop to put new learning into practice during the class.



The 12th is Veteran’s day and we will begin the class with a moment of silence in appreciation of those Veterans who have given themselves to keep our country safe! Without them, we would not have life as we currently know it. They deserve our respect and we’ll give it.

Don’t just write, WRITE!

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