To Vanquish an Evil

Growling, she flashed her dagger like teeth in the piercing morning rays as she extracted herself from the comfort of her warm den. The air held a tension as she groped her way in the first light like an agitated, fearsome sloth, her talons scraping on the rock floor as small creatures scurried noisily around her. A snarl sent the creatures scurrying but for a moment. Busily they worked to distract her, thwarted only momentarily by her periodic growls. A flash of fire set a pot bubbling. The aroma of a brown, gooey substance charged the lair. With the redolence, the creatures became more bold, taunting her; goading her. She whirled once and again, flashing her teeth and snarling at the grievous pests. They cackled and lept out of her grasp each time, knocking things down, stirring up dust; their noisy raucous vexing her to the edge of ferocity. Her shiny talons encircled a cup in a firm clutch and she dipped it into the hot caustic liquid. Snarling and backing into a corner with her pungent prize, she lashed again at the pests, baring her teeth a final time before a long and resolved drink.

“My, doesn’t the sun look lovely this morning, children?” she said, setting her cup on the counter. “Ah, what a difference a cup of coffee makes. LIZZIE! Get off that bookcase right NOW! Cereal anyone? Then we can go to the park.”

Copyright 2010 Shai Adair

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