For the Others

Outside, rain drenches the brown grass and fallen leaves to the sounds of high winds through the naked trees. Fog, like low lying clouds, clings to the earth in defiance. Nature seems to groan as another gust bends the trees with a roar that builds and then diminishes like birth pangs. And just around the corner of the clock waits the new year, swaddled in mystery, unshaken by … Continue reading For the Others

Miss Leonard’s Fab Class!

Friday I had the privilege of working with the savvy students in Miss Leonard's class of 4th, 5th, and 6th graders. These BCA students soaked up poetry and story writing tips like eager little sponges! Such energy packed into polite and respectful kids. I'll visit your class anytime. Blessings on your precious little heads!

Who We Are

Here is (amended) content that accompanies one of the slides from my upcoming workshop. Who We Are Time doesn't just fall from the clock, offering itself like a piece of spontaneously generated cake. We must make time to write. Musicians practice their instrument. Horse owners groom their animals and exercise them. We write. We are … Continue reading Who We Are