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That Misunderstood Flash Fiction

When I was first learning to improve my writing skills, I happened upon a list of the major literary forms. Among the other forms I saw “Flash” and was reluctant to read the definition, since in the generation I grew up in “flash” usually… Continue Reading “That Misunderstood Flash Fiction”

Thus Ends Another Literary Clay Series

Thank you, Launching Success, and students of this round of Literary Clay. Stay tuned for future workshops. I’m developing new sessions to add to the originals that will help you pull your stories from the shadows of your mind into a readable form that… Continue Reading “Thus Ends Another Literary Clay Series”

Great work today!

Many thanks to the participants of Building Strong Characters! We did some fabulous work together! See you next week!

Thank you!

Thank you, participants of the first Literary Clay workshop, and thank you, Launching Success! I’m looking forward to future sessions!

Three Dimensional Characters

How do you keep your book from landing at the second hand store next to a literary work about bent staples or diverse types of manure? Or worse, what if your book never leaves your own hand? If a reader can’t connect with your… Continue Reading “Three Dimensional Characters”

Literary Clay in November

I’m gearing up again for the Literary Clay series to be held at Launching Success in Bellingham, WA. Check out the new Literary Clay tab on this site for more information. This series will be aimed toward the high school homeschooler. More sessions inviting… Continue Reading “Literary Clay in November”