Category: Flash

Works expressed in approximately 1000 words.

I Know Why You Cry

This is an unpolished Flash Fiction piece from years ago. The cold goaded me forward, half reluctantly, as I strolled down the familiar cemetery row to her grave. I pulled the collar of my jacket up as the morning air chilled my bare neck… Continue Reading “I Know Why You Cry”

A Small Bit

This is an example of Flash Fiction I sometimes use in my classes. I have a couple posts coming up that will refer to this and another piece, so I’m posting it in preparation.    “It’s only a small bit of change,” she said,… Continue Reading “A Small Bit”

That Misunderstood Flash Fiction

When I was first learning to improve my writing skills, I happened upon a list of the major literary forms. Among the other forms I saw “Flash” and was reluctant to read the definition, since in the generation I grew up in “flash” usually… Continue Reading “That Misunderstood Flash Fiction”


This is a Flash piece (meaning it is approximately 1000 words, hints of a larger story, and has a twist at the end). This particular piece would work better as a play due to the large number of characters which make it a rocky… Continue Reading “Scandalon”

To Vanquish an Evil

Growling, she flashed her dagger like teeth in the piercing morning rays as she extracted herself from the comfort of her warm den. The air held a tension as she groped her way in the first light like an agitated, fearsome sloth, her talons… Continue Reading “To Vanquish an Evil”