Category: Virtual Paint and Canvas

These are the more serious works of Shai Adair.

Remembering Len Schmautz

Choices. They line the path of our lives like colorful memory stones. Like jewels reflecting in the light that is the vibrance of our lives. Our paths are filled with them; good and bad. Light and dark. And we arrive at our final destination… Continue Reading “Remembering Len Schmautz”

A Small Bit

This is an example of Flash Fiction I sometimes use in my classes. I have a couple posts coming up that will refer to this and another piece, so I’m posting it in preparation.    “It’s only a small bit of change,” she said,… Continue Reading “A Small Bit”

That Misunderstood Flash Fiction

When I was first learning to improve my writing skills, I happened upon a list of the major literary forms. Among the other forms I saw “Flash” and was reluctant to read the definition, since in the generation I grew up in “flash” usually… Continue Reading “That Misunderstood Flash Fiction”

Tension In Between

It is December 31st, 2018. For some it is the night before a new beginning. Others would call it an ending. Many make resolutions. I resolved years ago (as many of you already know) not to make resolutions, choosing to make changes in behavior… Continue Reading “Tension In Between”


This is a Flash piece (meaning it is approximately 1000 words, hints of a larger story, and has a twist at the end). This particular piece would work better as a play due to the large number of characters which make it a rocky… Continue Reading “Scandalon”

Mission of Grace

The wind pushed my car out of its lane for the third time to the rhythm of the windshield wipers on the highest setting. The rain pelted down in sympathy out of the blackness as if a giant invisible heart were breaking. Leaves pulsed… Continue Reading “Mission of Grace”