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Whatcom County Youth Fair

I’m home after a very successful set of workshops at the Whatcom County Youth Fair.  Creativity flowed and fun was had by all! Students enjoyed the games and activities, as well as the learning material presented. They even had the opportunity to share their… Continue Reading “Whatcom County Youth Fair”

Who We Are

Here is (amended) content that accompanies one of the slides from my upcoming workshop. Who We Are Time doesn’t just fall from the clock, offering itself like a piece of spontaneously generated cake. We must make time to write. Musicians practice their instrument. Horse… Continue Reading “Who We Are”

In Adair Words – Willn’t

The Background Image

I’ve been asked what the background image is on my site. It’s one of my favorite chairs. Photos of it appear in various places – as a background on this site (though seriously edited), on social media, and in a book that is soon… Continue Reading “The Background Image”

Speaking FREEly

Lurking behind every set of eyes is a story. Some unfold effortlessly, intriguing you and drawing you in until you crave more. But what about that story that is held captive behind the eyes of its creator? That is the story I’m seeking to… Continue Reading “Speaking FREEly”

A Fresh New Look

You may notice I’ve changed the look of my site. Thank you for your patience as I get my fonts and things matched up. Plus, I’ll add more content as I go along. I moved over to WordPress from Blogger a while back so… Continue Reading “A Fresh New Look”


It is that time again! Every November a group of people across the nation (and perhaps around the world) take on a writing challenge. It is National Novel Writing Month, better known as NaNoWriMo. I’m going to use November as a time to progress… Continue Reading “NaNoWriMo”

Spontaneity: Friend or Foe?

Gone are the days when a merchant puts a board in a window of a shop along some street in town among local markets. Advertising has grown to be an electric light driven pixel package, virtual and intangible. The window is in the hands… Continue Reading “Spontaneity: Friend or Foe?”

Driving Progress

The theme of the summer seemed to be ‘driving’ as we rolled along the Pacific Northwest highways in slow progression halfway across the country. I have always loved a good road trip, but using both hands to keep a car on the road is… Continue Reading “Driving Progress”

Literary Clay Workshop

Introducing the Literary Clay online creative writing workshop! Early registration is $15. After May 1st, the price will be $20. At either price you will receive valuable coaching and practical guidance with various assignments, writing prompts, and training sessions. I hope to ‘see’ you… Continue Reading “Literary Clay Workshop”