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Mariah’s Invisible Sword Review

Here is a link for the review of a section of Mariah’s Invisible Sword. I would love some stars!   Cheers, Shai

Family Fun

There are many aspects of family that make my heart warm. For instance, sometimes we all break into song, each finding a harmony. We do the same thing with rhythm. Other times we do silly games, and it is one such silly game that… Continue Reading “Family Fun”

Writer’s Block

I don’t usually suffer from a common writing condition known as ‘writer’s block’, however, when it comes to blogging I freeze for some reason. Perhaps I am unique in this. I sit staring at a blank blog page as if someone has infused my… Continue Reading “Writer’s Block”

‘Tis a Good Day

‘Tis a good day to embark on a new journey! Well, almost. Today I ordered the mark up copies to my first print book, Mariah’s Invisible Sword. Finally, the thing will go to print! I should have a few proofs in my hands by… Continue Reading “‘Tis a Good Day”

It began with a handprint…

This is quickly becoming the icon of Adair Books, a new kid on the block as far as published authors go.