Release of Mariah’s Invisible Sword!

After so many years of distractions and obstacles, Mariah’s Invisible Sword is now in print!

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Mariah’s Invisible Sword Review

Here is a link for the review of a section of Mariah’s Invisible Sword. I would love some stars!




Family Fun

There are many aspects of family that make my heart warm. For instance, sometimes we all break into song, each finding a harmony. We do the same thing with rhythm. Other times we do silly games, and it is one such silly game that sparked my writing today. It is called, “Oh I hate that!”

To start a round of “Oh I hate that”, one family member has to say something crazy, like, “I fell in a giant can of asparagus the other day. Don’t you just hate that?” Then it becomes a game, each trying to outdo the other with whatever ridiculous situation they make up. Last night Abigail (ten years old) had the winning remark – “Don’t you hate it when your lunch eats you?”

I think the game came about as a result of a situation in which my two youngest children were discussing how to put wood in the wood burning stove. Elizabeth (11 at the time) was giving strict instructions to Abigail on how to load the stove.

“First, you have to tie your hair back because if you don’t tie your hair back you could burn all up.”

“Oh I hate that!” said Abigail.

“I know!” said Elizabeth.

To see their miniature conversation typed out may not seem all that entertaining, but ‘in the moment’ it was adorable and hilarious. The maturity with which they discussed the situation, combined with the intensity, was quite entertaining, and it reminded me of a show back in the 80’s – was it Saturday Night Live? I don’t recall for certain, but it had a sketch with a very similar theme. However, ours is much more soul nourishing.

Writer’s Block

I don’t usually suffer from a common writing condition known as ‘writer’s block’, however, when it comes to blogging I freeze for some reason. Perhaps I am unique in this. I sit staring at a blank blog page as if someone has infused my thoughts with some sort of instant glue.

As I consider this I conclude that it must be in part due to the fact that I dislike clutter. If I have a particular inspiration that I think might amuse or mentally stimulate an audience, I take the time to ‘pen’ it down. I equate this to having a jar with cooking utensils on my countertop – they are useful and handy, therefore I allow them space on my countertop. However, deliberate blog posts are like those red and white mushroom decorations you might find in a 1970’s kitchen, covered in grease and dust. Or a lawn gnome or other useless decorations. By ‘useless’ I mean no offense – I simply mean they have no other use than to be seen. They realistically are, in fact, without use. This simply is not a ‘Shai’ trait. If it has not use, it has not place on my coutnertop.

One might concur that my house is likely pristine and perfectly clean, lacking clutter of any kind and I wish this to be my reality. However, on my back counter right now there is a broken glass that has special sentiment associated with it (for one of my children) and so it sits waiting to be fixed. There is also a pile of mail accumulating, a photo in a home made popsicle stick frame, my mixer, a piece of wood (that’s random – where did that come from?), and parts to a Ninja blender; the kind that require ear protection in order to use it without deafening yourself, your children, or anyone in the lower 48 states.

And so, you see, I’ve really just created a literary lawn gnome today. If you like lawn gnomes, you’re welcome. If you detest lawn nomes, I’m sorry.

Either way, I wish you a spendid day filled with chocolate, coffee, and a winning lotto ticket.

Thank you for reading.




‘Tis a Good Day

‘Tis a good day to embark on a new journey! Well, almost. Today I ordered the mark up copies to my first print book, Mariah’s Invisible Sword. Finally, the thing will go to print! I should have a few proofs in my hands by the first of next week, then I’ll give them to a few friends for final proofing and, if all goes well, hit the ‘sell’ button by April 2. I hope and pray this is the first of many.


Shai Adair

It began with a handprint…

It began with a handprint...

This is quickly becoming the icon of Adair Books, a new kid on the block as far as published authors go.