Mountain and Sea

My desktop background is often a scene of oceans, seas, or mountains. When I can’t get to the real thing, my desktop background helps me decompress. I find myself staring at it in longing.

Opinions, reports, arrogance, and endless finger-pointing. Bent rules, broken rules, new rules, no rules. Why does ‘news’ drip from the mouths of every station like slobbering devils, wasted and emboldened by an epic celebration no love-filled, peace loving citizen received an invitation to? I care not for sides, for the mere act of choosing pitches one against the other. Though in not choosing, one must grip with the toes and flail arms, teetering on a fine line while both sides fix their sights on the exposed impartial.

Is it any wonder suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the United States? When society requires perfection, socially and publicly shaming those with imperfections and differences, strutting around as if they are without flaw and a pattern by which all should be cut – safety recedes and tender hearts are left bobbing for air in a putrid bath of hopelessness. 20 year old Nameless looks to the right and left and sees no place to be imperfect, no place for the bearing of a burdened soul, no salvation, no option of acceptance, and so seeks a final walk into a cold eternity.

Masks have taken away our smiles. Oppression. More side-taking. Deaths and mutating viruses. Politicians and painted cryers preaching an agenda of terror to shackle the seas, and devour the blood of mankind.

How have we forgotten that we need each other? When did being right in our own eyes become the new Methamphetamine to obtain at any cost, no matter the facts?

There on my desktop stand those mountains reminding me of beauty painted by there by the fullness of pure Love.

I’m reaching out a window of majestic serenity, Nameless. There are places to hide in the peaks and recesses. There is love to be felt somewhere. Not romance; love. There is a distinct difference. There are hands that reach out. The brave find it. I pray you find the bravery you may have misplaced.

“Never make a decision in a valley.” Nikki Deatherage

Copyright 2021 Shai Adair

Thank you for the use of the photo.

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